Friday, August 29, 2008

Middle Class - Out of Vogue

Quite possibly the first hardcore record and fastest record made before 1980, Fullerton’s Middle Class broke the ground for the LA hardcore scene. This EP is way ahead of its time, take a listen for yourself to see why this is such classic.

Middle Class from Santa Ana, California, were one of the first "hardcore" bands in history. Debate continues to this day as to whether Middle Class were the first hardcore band or if Black Flag or the Bad Brains were. (It is unlikely that the Bad Brains were aware of the Middle Class, however, as they were unknown outside of California.)

Their sound evolved from being a blistering, shouted, arty version of punk which would be extremely influential to the hardcore sound that would emerge in the years following their first release, the 1978 "Out Of Vogue" 7 inch. This record featured the title track along with three other songs.

Genre: Hardcore
Year: 1978

01. Out Of Vogue
02. You Belong
03. Situations
04. Insurgence


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