Sunday, April 11, 2010

Civic Progress - Disposable EP

This record is so ~censored~ intense and great that you'll play it over and over again saying "Alright, one more time." These st. louis ragers spit out 9 songs of relentless-perfectly executed HC punk in the 80's tradition but with so much current-state frustration and anger. If you're a fan of CIA, POISON IDEA, CAUSE FOR ALARM and KRAKDOWN and tight-ballistic HC like those bands, you need to pick this up.-FI-

Sharing half a lineup with Cardiac Arrest, St. Louis, MO's Civic Progress play a fast style of early-'80s influenced hardcore punk influenced by bands like the Necros and Teen Idles.-RevHQ-

Genre: Hardcore Punk
Year: 2008


01. Depopulate
02. Disposable
03. Uranium Miscarriage
04. Cannibals
05. The Future's Not Coming
06. Straight Teeth
07. Ugly Feelings
08. Falling Apart
09. Quiety Guy


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