Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Nitrominds - Kill All Emo

Genre: Hardcore/Punk
Year: 2010


01. The Secret (Pennywise Cover)
02. News from the Front (Bad Religion Cover)
03. We’re Gonna Fight (7 Seconds Cover)
04. All American (Down by Law Cover)
05. Monozygotic (Bambix Cover)
06. Bloodstains (Agent Orange Cover)
07. Shut Up (D.R.I. Cover)
08. Kill Yourself (S.O.D. Cover)
09. Survive (Nuclear Assalt Cover)
10. Surf Nicaragua (Sacred Reich Cover)
11. Enemy Number One (Terrorgruppe Cover)
12. Too Far Gone (NRA Cover)
13. Something I Learned Today (Husker Du Cover)
14. Next to You (The Police Cover)
15. Crianças sem Futuro (Ratos de Porão Cover)
16. Drive (Excel Cover)


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