Monday, July 4, 2011

V.A. - Network Of Friends Vol 1

An early to mid 80s hardcore/punk compilation. Raw noise guaranteed!!! Influenced by bands like the DEAD KENNEDYS, BLACK FLAG, REAGAN YOUTH, MINOR THREAT and a lot of more, in the early and mid 80s the hardcorepunk virus was spreading worldwide. On this compilation you'll find a few of the best and most influencial bands of these times. Supported by bands from the USA like ADRENALIN O.D., OFFENDERS, SIEGE, PLAIN WRAP, the main focus is on the great European scene: NEGAZIONE (I), UPRIGHT CITIZENS (D), MOB 47 (SWE), TARNFARBE (D), DEZERTER (PL), KAFKA PROSESS (NOR), GRUFTROSEN (A), B.G.K. (NL), CRUDE SS (SWE), HEIMATLOS (F), BLUTTAT (D), WRETCHED (I), S.O.S. (D), PANDEMONIUM (NL),...Most of these bands were pioneers, who were creating the early punk- and hardcore scenes. They still have a big influence on today's bands. All in all 41 (!) songs in 75 (!) minutes from the original tapes of the 80s.

Genre: Hardcore / Punk
Year: 2008


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