Sunday, August 30, 2009

Billy The Kill - Billy I Kill You

Winter 2006, Boets, Jan and Stijn found their lead guitar miracle
Thibaud, from the pits of hell, Vilvoorde. They began to search for a
frontman singer and started to write some instrumental songs. Finally,
May 2007, they encountered Niels, who became a good friend, a motivated
member and a talented singer.

From that day on they were unstoppable and tried to write some kickass
songs, with all different personal influences mixed in. You'll find
razorsharp metal and heartfelt emocore within this punkrock songs.
They're busy recording a 4-song demo right now, freely downloadable on
myspace, out in spring 2008! Their debut CD 'Billy I Kill You' is the
next best thing in the Belgian punkrock scene. We'll hear more from them

Genre: Punk
Year: 2009


01. Intro
02. Flying Fire
03. Billy I Kill You
04. Spit It Back
05. Re: We Need To Talk
06. TV Nation
07. Say Hey
08. Refugee
09. Sayonara
10. Fight Or Fright pt2
11. Discofever


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