Sunday, August 30, 2009

Skalibans - It's Voodoo?!

Skalibans are a band from Almada with a punk-ska-reggae sonority. Since their
beginning in 2004, the band suffered several changes. Now Skalibans are: Gonτalo
Jorge (Drums); SΘrgio Gaspar (Vocals); Luis Pereira (Bass); Pedro Matos
(Guitar); Clara Pereira (Trumpet); Paulo Fragoso (Trombone) e AndrΘ Cabica
(Sax). Playing live it's their primary motivation due to the strength that comes
from the energy they take from the contact with the audience, so we can assure
you that you'll find good mood and lots of positive energy in a Skalibans's
concert. The band recorded an E.P. in 2007 with five tracks, two of them,
"Sunshine" and "Late night phonecall" already on the radios across Europe and
portuguese tv shows. Skalibans's first album "Is It Voodoo?!" will be out in
stores on September 2008, recorded by Miguel Marques in Generator studio
( mastered by Alan Douches on West West
Side Music Studio(Aerosmith,The Chemical Brothers, Misfits, Sepultura,
Hatebreed..). "Is it Voodoo?!" will present you with 13 tracks, all originals
from Skalibans, five of them already available on our myspace.

Genre: Ska
Year: 2008


01. Mary Marry Me
02. Celebrate
03. So Long
04. Sunshine
05. Through My Window
06. Ties and Snits
07. Under Your Spell
08. Utopia
09. Late Night Phone Call
10. Remedy Ska
11. HamBush
12. A Little Surprise
13. It's not Enough


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