Thursday, February 3, 2011

Dance Hall Crashers - Lockjaw

An ebullient debut album by one of the best bands of the '90s ska-punk revival; nearly every song here is either extremely catchy, extremely funny or both. There's also a strong feminist slant here, which isn't that surprising, given that the two lead vocalists are women; just about every guy mentioned in the lyrics is somewhere between a bore and a creep The music, however, is a joyous, upbeat, two-guitar-driven racket, and frankly it's pretty hard to resist a band whose members can write a song about the tedium of their day jobs that includes the lines "Sometimes the days seem so long / I wish my boss hadn't taken my bong."

Genre: Punk/Ska
Year: 1995


01. Shelley
02. Don't Wanna Behave
03. Queen For A Day
04. Flyin
05. Good For Nothin
06. Buried Alive
07. Sticky
08. Too Late
09. Go
10. Enough
11. Pictures
12. Day Job
13. So Sue Us
14. We Owe


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