Friday, February 4, 2011

Dead Boys - We Have Come For Your Children

Iconic punk group the Dead Boys' release WE'VE COME FOR YOUR CHILDREN includes the songs "3rd Generation Nation," "Big City," and "Ain't It Fun."

Originally released in 1978, the second and final album by Cleveland punk heroes the Dead Boys was widely panned at the time, viewed as a move toward the mainstream. In retrospect, the cleaner and more metal-oriented sound seems an obvious precursor of hardcore, the American punk style that would dominate the 1980s, and singer Stiv Bators rarely sounded more inspired in his aggression.
Features Joey & Dee Dee Ramone!

Genre: Punk
Year: 1978


01. 3rd Generation Nation
02. I Won't Look Back
03. (I Don't Wanna Be No) Catholic Boy
04. Flame Thrower Love
05. Son Of Sam
06. Tell Me
07. Big City
08. Calling On You
09. Dead and Alive
10. Ain't It Fun


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