Monday, January 18, 2010

Henry Rollins - Hot Animal Machine

Henry Rollins is now no longer the just the lead singer of the legendary and sadly departed Black Flag (my favorite punk band of all time), he now leads the successful and experimental Rollins Band, has recorded quite a few hillarious spoken word albums (a string of T.V. specials based in it followed), and has played parts in many movies. Though he does all of that very skillfully, he has yet to capture the intensity and rawness of his solo recording "Hot Animal Machine".

Even though he seems not to have found his niche at this point in time, Henry still shines with this extreme and intelligent record. Besides Rollins's voice and writing ablity, "Hot Animal Machine" contains many memorable riffs but some shakey drum work. The songs on the album range from flat out in-your-face punk music ("Black and White", "Followed Around") to a more experimental sound reminiscent of his later years ("A Man and a Woman", "No One").

I for one love this record. It is original and - though there are many references to what his has done and is currently doing - different than anything he has ever done. The best tracks on 'Hot Animal Machine' are "There's a Man Outside", "Followed Around" (my favorite), "A Man and a Woman", and "Ghost Rider" (Suicide cover). Also, the cover of the blues classic "Crazy Lover" is golden.-Twitch(Atlanta, GA)-

Genre: Punk
Year: 1987


01. Black And White
02. Followed Around
03. Lost And Found
04. There's A Man Outside
05. Crazy Lover
06. A Man And A Woman
07. Hot Animal Machine 1
08. Ghost Rider
09. Move Right In
10. Hot Animal Machine 2
11. No One


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