Thursday, January 21, 2010

Vaseline Children - Selt Titled

Fast, circlepit-friendly hardcore/thrash from Croatia... think Tear It Up, Scholastic Deth, etc.-CCR-

This is ‘American’ hardcore of the 80’s but both the early (’82) and late, youth crew (’88) phase. They got the inspiration for their name from the old band from Connecticut, Violent Children. If we really had to choose only one band that Vaselin resembles, that would definitely be Tear It Up while the vocal is the spitting image of Halfmast/No Time Left-vinyljunkiedistro-

Genre: Hardcore
Year: 2007


01. Wrong Time Wrong Place
02. Monday
03. Hardcore starts in my Romm
04. We Are Taking Over
05. Someday You Have to Better Do It Now
06. Svi Cete Umrijeti
07. E bay Punx Fu*k Off
08. Nothing to Give
09. Dropdead
10. Bilbord Revolucija (FxPxOx)
11. Deny Everything (Circle Jerks)
12. Jadranka Kosor


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