Sunday, January 3, 2010

The Scholars - Last Great Record Of The 20th Century

Last Great Record Of The 20th Century is a CD by The Scholars. It contains all 8 songs from their only main release, I'm In a Band as well as various demos and live tracks. It is currently out of print and very hard to find.-wiki-

Genre: Ska
Year: 1999


01. I Love Guys In Bands
02. David Gonzales
03. I Want My Girlfriend Back
04. Superdollar
05. Tom & Jerry
06. W.T.
07. Im In A Band...
08. Girl's Best Friend (Acoustic)
09. I'm Done
10. Answering Machine
11. Girl's Best Friend (Electric)
12. Lost In Rossmoor / Stupid Arguments / Tom & Jerry (Demo)
13. The Munsters Theme / Why Slit Your Wrists When You Can Carve Your Name Into Your Shoulder? / Stealin' From Dad (Demo)
14. The Power Rangers Theme / Stupid Arguments / Out To Patricia (Live)
15. I'm Done (Reunite)


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Anonymous said...

You're my freakin' hero for posting this... I've been looking for this album for years!

Many thanks!