Wednesday, January 20, 2010

White Flag - Step Back 10 (Best of CD)

WHITE FLAG was formed in a small town of Sunnymead, CA in 1982. The band was created as a reation to the complacency and status que that had settled into the original Los Angeles punk rock scene. In 1982 the original "No Rule"ethic had become a hardcore clearly regimented set of can and can not`s, and the members of WHITE FLAG simply were not going to let that happen uncontested.

Originally a five piece, fronted by the legendary " Al Bum", "the most obnoxious and untalented person w know" according to Doug Graves. the former frontman`s main attributes was his disturbingly similar appearance to one Ozzy Osbourne, then the antithesis of what "punk" stood for. Clad in trademark fringed " Ozzy" outfits, with waist length hair and crosses galore. The band proceeded to con- found both rock and punk audiences with complete genre crossover confusion. The result was as Pat Fear puts it, "the real process of weeding out". Several albums later the band developed a large following, including members of other groups in the L.A. area.

Members of Bangles,Social Distortion,Bad Religion,Redd Kross,Germs and Adolecents to name a few, made guest appearances on their 1984 LP "Third Strike",which sold more than 30 000 copies. The cover of which poked fun at the growing political lines being drawn between the left and right wing factions of the punk scene.As the bassist Jello B. Afro puts it, "We were in the middle", laughing at how pathetic and hypocritical both sides were. As a good example, those on the left actually believed we were fascist, racist and "I'm an African American" ! The subsequent tour and the 3 sides LP " Feeding Frenzy" proved to be Al Bum`s last stand with the band.

Independent Swedish label JUST 4 FUN released the CD entitled "Step Back 10", compiling the bands enigmatic first LP "S IS FOR SPACE" and the "Third Strike" along with studio tracks from "Feeding Frenzy" LP.-j4f-

Genre: Hardcore Punk
Year: 1995


01. Shattered Badge
02. Little Friskies
03. Cthulu Calling
04. Cross Dogs
05. Psycho Cop Intro
06. Psycho Cop
07. Shadow Zone
08. Celebrate
09. You've Got a Problem
10. At the Mountains of Madness
11. Victors of the Universe
12. Ticket to Moscow
13. Flaming Halos
14. Flipside
15. Wake up Screaming
16. Festive Shapes
17. Over My Head
18. Overlords of the Underworld
19. Middle Class Hell
20. There's a Place
21. Pieces of Chris Trent
22. Festive Shapes Rides Again (German Version)
23. Hell in a Handbag
24. Cleocin
25. Video D.
25. Cheze/Gumby
26 R 'N' R
27. (First Gig Chaos)
28. Black Sabbath
29. Not All Right
31. God to God
32. White Flag
33. Live Rap
34. Mirror Mirror
35. S is for Space/Suzy Secret
36. Love Me Like a Reptile
37. Paranoid
38. (Untitled Track)
39. (Untitled Track)
40. (Untitled Track)
41. (Untitled Track)
42. (Untitled Track)
43. (Untitled Track)
44. (Untitled Track)
45. (Untitled Track)
46. (Untitled Track)
47. (Untitled Track)
48. (Untitled Track)
49. (Untitled Track)
50. (Untitled Track)
51. (Untitled Track)
52. (Untitled Track)
53. (Untitled Track)


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