Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Ghostlimb - Self Titled

Newjack tech metallers Graf Orlock may be all hip and happening, liberally sprinkle their songs with action movie samples and have OTT packaging that suggests they're more style over substance, but you can't deny the fact that they totally rock the Casbah! Ghostlimb are a trio spawned from the Graf, and if anything, they're even better. The same chunky, catchy riffs abound, but there are less of the sudden shifts in tempo, thus making Ghostlimb a more direct, harder punk hardcore hit. The singer here is the backup guy from GO, and personally I prefer his hoarser, less shrill roar, so that's an added bonus. This one-sided LP also comes very nicely presented, with an etching on the flip and a medieval motif screened on thick card.

Ridiculously pissed hardcore with elements of melody, thrash, and general poor disposition, ghostlimb compile all the rage a minute long song can handle with sprinklings of social critique and dissatisfied sarcasm. This 11-song record clocks in under 15 minutes and is riddled with succinct aesthetics of the fast, heavy, and tolerably informed.

Genre: Punk/Hardcore
Year: 2006


01. The Custom Of The Sea
02. Scimitar
03. Seperation Perfected
04. Complete Works
05. Palimpesest
06. Espionage
07. Welstadt, Los Angeles
08. Six
09. Shore Leave
10. Index
11. Seperated At Birth


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