Friday, January 2, 2009

Chaos UK - Short Sharp Shock

Chaos UK English is a band of hardcore / punk formed in 1979 near Bristol. Simon was in the vocal, Andy on guitar, Kaos in low and Potts on drums. The songs have themes such as unemployment, economic crisis, drunkenness, child mortality, destruction of government, police and authority in general.
In 20 years of band they did several tours around the world, including in Japan where they recorded an album live, the "Live in Japan". Played with mapalma bands like Death, Corrupted Idels, Final Conflict, Extreme Noise Terror, Hi Polloi, The Exploited and others. It also launched an average of 20 LPs, EPs, Singles, Splits and Albums Live. This album "Short Sharp Shock" was launched by the NRC / Weasel in 1984 has great songs.

Genre: Punk/Hardcore
Year: 1984


01. Lawless Britain
02. Living in Fear
03. Detention Centre
04. Support
05. Control
06. People at the Top
07. Global Domination
08. No One Seems to Really Care
09. Farmyard Stomp (Again)


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