Friday, January 2, 2009

The Last Resort - 'A Way Of Life' Skinhead Anthems

The Last Resort is basically a synonym of the movement Oi! as well as the lifestyle skinhead, an icon of this band era and generation, originally formed in England in 1980 and lasted a short time, only until 1982.
The first recording was a demo with very few copies, which came after the first gig in March 1981.
The first voice of Last Resort left the band soon after this demo Roi and thus assumes the voice to ring in the classical compilations: "Strength Through Oi!" and "Carry On Oi!" and finally recording the first (and only) album, the wonderful "The Way Of Life - Skinhead Anthems" which was originally launched by their own record label in 1982.
The band then ended in 82, as a result of being to blame for the violence both in their concerts as close to them, which had nothing to do with the band, and were placed so the feeling extreme anti-Oi! the media of the time.
This version of The Way Of Life is a relaunch of Captain Oi! which contains the 11 original tracks and 4 more bonus tracks, including the version of King Of The Jungle's collection Carry On Oi!. Enjoy! To those who still do not have that essential item of any Eighty discography, download urgently.

Genre: Oi!
Year: 1982


01. Freedom
02. Skinheads In Stapress
03. Rebels With A Cause
04. King Of The Jungle
05. We Rule O.K.
06. Changing
07. Lionheart
08. Rose Of England
09. Violence In Our Minds
10. Resort Boot Boys
11. Red White And Blue
12. Stormtroopers In Stapress*
13. King Of The Jungle*
14. Resort Boot Boys*
15. Oi! Oi! Skinhead*


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Anonymous said...

Thank you very much!I've heard before just "king of the jungle"but the others songs maybe are better!great album!