Sunday, January 11, 2009

Intensive Care - The Oi! Collection

Originally from Scotland, then by moving to Crawley in England, the Intensive Care is a band Oi!.
How many of the period, they had come to launch an LP, but did not have a career so short. In 84 launched the first EP, and in 87 seconds.
Eight songs came to be taped for a possible LP, but this project was never completed. For curiosity, Iain Kilgallon is the lead singer of the band Beerzone voice today.
"Oi! Collection" is a collection that contains all of the work of Intensive Care, very good.

Genre: Oi!
Year: -


1. Fight & Die
2. Ghost Town
3. Cowards
4. Class Of '84
5. Organised Crime
6. Framed
7. Rebel (Oi! LP Version)
8. The Hypocrite
9. As Sober As A Judge
10. Points Of View
11. Rebel (12" Version)
12. Exocet UK
13. Rubberman
14. Scared Of U
15. Cowards (LP Version)
16. Pigs
17. Life On The Dole
18. Fight & Die (LP Version)
19. They Came They Saw They Conquered
20. Exocet UK (LP Version)
21. Rebel (LP Version)


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