Saturday, January 10, 2009

Skin Deep - Football Violence

Impressive as several bands fudidas UK82 lasted very little time and some do not have to launch albums.
This is the case with English Skin Deep, originally formed in 82 in the region of West Lothian in England. The EP "Football Violence" was launched on 85 for Enemy Records but pessimistic distributed and disseminated. One of the recordings of Oi! more rare to get ready.
The band ended up at 86, when a member of the Skin Deep had to leave for reasons of work. This was the only EP recording them, relaunched in 89 with another layer containing a photo of a stadium (it inside the zipped file to download). This is the original cover of 85.
Although the Skin Deep has lasted such a short time and recorded only 3 sounds, it was necessary to be present in the most important collection Oi!. Examples: Made in Britain; Oi! The Rarities (vol.3), The Bright Side of Oi! and the classic 100% British Oi!. I think releasing these few comments about the band's record is worthwhile being listened to.

Genre: Oi!
Year: 1985


01. Football Violence
02. Boots On His Feets
03. Count the Dead


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Anonymous said...

Thanks for uploading this. Just so you know, West Lothian is actually a region in Scotland :)