Friday, January 2, 2009

Vice Squad - Stand Strong Stand Proud

Given this band again very dear. Just go find: Vice Squad was formed in 1978 in Bristol, England. It has Beki Bondage only the first training with his voice quite striking, a great icon for the punk band and for the season. Members of the Vice Squad in partnership with Simon Edwards created the Riot City Records.
The album "Stand Strong Stand Proud" in addition to being one of the most striking songs as one of the anthems of punk rock, has classical songs. It was launched in 1982 by EMI / Zonophone.

Genre: Punk
Year: 1982


01. Stand Strong Stand Proud
02. Humane
03. Cheap
04. Gutterchild
05. Rock N Roll Massacre
06. Fistful Of Dollars
07. Freedom Begins At Home
08. Out Of Reach
09. Saviour Machine
10. No Right To Reply
11. Deathwish
12. Propaganda
13. Tomorrows Soldier
14. Darkest Hour
15. Citizen
16. Scarred For Life
17. Faceless Man


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