Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Beyond - No Longer At Ease

Another excellent band. Beyond born in 1988 in a "battle of the bands" a high school in Long Island, NY. At the time, called Third Planet and sang Tom Capone. Capone had decided to have a serious band, took over as guitar and then recruited Kevin in his voice, Lance on bass and Dom on drums. It changed its name to Beyond and quickly recorded a demo managed to sell 500 copies (which for a new band and circle is fairly underground).

Shortly after the great impact of their demo, Capone wanted people more involved in the project and replaced Alan Dom on drums while Vic Lance replaced on bass. This is the most memorable training Beyond. Beyond was a break in the straight edge hardcore scene of New York, with fast songs (with a thrash influence) and points quite smart, positive and critical at a time, which garnered several perspectives, including those of John "Porcell" Porcelly (guitarist of Youth of Today and Judge) that they offered to remove material through his label Schism Records.

Beyond, to be with Schism, rejected a proposal by Revelation Records. Beyond Schism disappeared and decided to take their LP No Longer At Ease in Combined Effort (remember? Jason's label Life's Blood). Soon after, Combined Effort also ended. After the release of the LP, Vic moved with his family to San Diego. Beyond played a few shows with Eddie on bass and finally broke up in 1990. After the breakup of the band, Tom and Alan formed Quicksand, Vic joined Inside Out, Kevin was part of 1.6 band. In 2006, Beyond did a couple of concerts of meeting with Kevin, Vic, Tom and Dom

Genre: Hardcore
Year: 1999


01. Save Ourselves
02. Vitality
03. Someday
04. Self Interest
05. Effort/Ancient Head
06. Death of Us
07. What Awaits Us
08. Hoax
09. Time Stands Still
10. One Kind Word
11. Can't Deny
12. Feedback
13. Vampire Empire
14. Care
15. Instrumental
16. One Kind Word [Demo Version]
17. Effort [Demo Version]
18. What Awaits Us [Demo Version]
19. Hoax [Demo Version]
20. Seasons [Demo Version]
21. Feedback [Demo Version]
22. Vitality [Demo Version]
23. Better Things to Do [Demo Version]


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