Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Life's Blood - Demo '88

This is one of the many bands, we will explore in this special, which has not been paid enough attention due to the popularity of other local bands of his era.
Life's Blood was born in New York in late 1987 and existed until late 1988. Its members, first year university students, were: Adam Woodrow on guitar, Jason O'Toole (developer and publisher of Combined Effort Records) on vocals, Neil Burke on bass and John Edward Joseph Kriksciun on drums.

The sound that managed to Life's Blood was just great to mix well the hardcore New Yorker of the time with intelligent lyrics and challenging. For example, "Never Make A Change" emphasizes the selfishness of people who think making a change to their decisions, when in fact they do not because they lock themselves in their false pride and feel good about themselves to benefit others.

After the breakup of the band, formed Adam Born Against, Neil participated in Sinking Body, and Men's Recovery Project, and he collaborated with Joseph Absolution during the last days of their existence. I do not know what happened to Jason and his label Combined Effort Records.

Due to the short existence of the band, Life's Blood just got a demo, a single but spectacular 7 "called Defiance, a split with a punk band called Sticks And Stones, and songs that appeared in different compiled as Murders Among Us, NYHC: Where The Wild Things Are, Look At All Children Now and the New Breed Tape

Genre: Hardcore
Year: 1988


01. maximum security
02. youth enrage
03. guilty as charged
04. catch our breath
05. stick to it


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