Friday, September 18, 2009

V.A. - The Best of Flipside Video Volume #5 (DVD)

Coming in at number five out seven in the "Best of" video series, this release features punk legends Youth Brigade and 7 seconds. Youth Brigade starts out the video with several different performances: Mendiola's Ballroom & riot Huntington Park '83, Olympic Auditorium/LA 03/02/84, and Perkin's Palace/Pasadena 04/84. They play through many of their original hits including "Sink With California," "Sound & Fury," and "What are You Fighting For." I saw Youth Brigade at the House of Blues last year and the singer, Shawn Stern, still looks the same after all these years, even though it looks like he's playing with a new lineup.

Following Youth Brigade is an equally youthful 7 Seconds, also performing live at several different locations: Olympic Auditorium 03/84, Sun Valley Sportsmen's Center 11/84 and Skateway/Placentia 11/8/85. Dawning his football eyeliner, Kevin Seconds leads the band through some for my favorite songs like "Young til I Die," "Regress, No Way" and "Out of Touch."

Like Target Video, Flipside Video was known for their quality video productions. The audio is great for the era, and I highly recommend this video if your a fan of these bands. Like my other posts, this video is currently out-of-print, and I doubt this will ever be released via DVD. Ironically, I did find a DVD copy of this on EBAY complete with artwork and information (it looks commercial), although I doubt it was an authorized duplication (made in Canada)

Genre: Punk
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