Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Body Count - Last Days

Maybe Ice-T was trying hard to infuriate and offend when he put together Body Count's Violent Demise: The Last Days, but he should have spent a bit more time on the riffs and lyrics. Sure, "Interview," which features a vignette about a journalist being executed for dissing the band (gulp!), and "Strippers," which includes the scintillating chorus "Strippers, I want my dick sucked," are both disturbing, but the puerile prurience hardly obscures the group's second-rate songwriting. Throughout the album, Ice-T moans and barks above repetitive, second-hand guitar lines, and even when the rapper lambastes O.J. Simpson on "I Used to Love Her," he fails to say anything even mildly thought-provoking. -Jon Wiederhorn-

Genre: Rapcore
Year: 1997


01. Interview
02. My Way
03. Strippers Intro
04. Strippers
05. Truth or Death
06. Violent Demise
07. Bring It to Pain
08. Music Business
09. I Used to Love Her
10. Root of All Evil
11. Dead Man Walking
12. Interview End
13. You're Fuckin' with BC
14. Ernie's Intro
15. Dr. K
16. Last Days


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Mark Trade said...

I totally disagree with the reviewer on this occassion. Violent Demise The Last Days was I believe BC's finest work to that point in time. Yes the original album got all the coverage, but this album showed real improvment in the bands skills to play both together and great music! My Way is the best track on the album and blows the listner away straight from the start!