Monday, September 7, 2009

The Tielman Brothers - The Best Of

Who says Indonesia musicians couldn't become a pioneer in the music world at the international level? Tielman Brothers is the answer. An old rock band from Maluku who now began to forget it, it has a myriad of achievements and influence on musical life in Europe, especially in the Netherlands. Who will be next Tielman Brothers?

And when talking about who the stars and the oldest rock band in the world, certainly in our minds to imagine the Beatles, the Rolling Stones or Elvis, Fats Domino, Bill Haley, and others. Actually there is an old rock band missed. The Tielman Brothers. A rock band consisting of 4 young children Maluku. Band which was originally named TheTimor Rhytm Brothers and turned into The Four Tielman Brothers, with four brothers Tielman personnel: Andy (lead guitar, vocals), Reggie (rhytm guitar, vocals), Phonton (double bass, vocals), and Loulou (drums, vocal). They started his career in Surabaya since 1945.

Lucky fourth career this young man fairly smoothly because both his parents, Herman Tielman and Flora Lorine Hess not only supports, but to play and be a manager. Watched the Beatles in 1956, immigrated to TheTielman Brothers Breda, the Netherlands and start a recording career in the country's windmills. From there in the end Tielman Brothers started to colonize the rock music abroad and provide a terrible influence on rock music blantika at that time. Their appearance is also quite stunning, especially the public in the Netherlands and Europe in general. You could say they was the first to start a wild stage attractions and attractive, as well as playing guitar and double bass, jumping or rolled, and of course the demo drums.

They move to the Netherlands with a tropical culture and love of this guitar was giving birth "Indo-Rock" is famous for. Strong feature of Indo-Rock is the dominance of the guitar, the instrument that was introduced when the Portuguese came to the Dutch East Indies around the 14th century. Portuguese-style guitar that became known as the music is combined keroncong children Maluku with Hawaiian music, country, and rock'n'roll they heard from the radio broadcast of the United States from the Philippines or Australia.
There are some very surprising facts of this band. Jauh sebelum publik rock terpesona dan berdecak kagum dengan permainan gila gitaris Jimi Hendrix pada tahun 1967, salah satu personil TheTielman Brothers, Andy Tielman, the frontman of this band has to start the technique in the 1967 or 11 years before Jimi Hendrix do the experiment with his guitar. Style Andy and his guitar technique is very fascinating. Guitar plucked with his teeth, feet, far ahead of Jimi Hendrix.

It is said that Paul McCartney had admired this band and inspired Tielman Brothers before the Beatles' famous in the early 1960s. 's Known, Tielman Brothers has brought the songs rock n roll long before the Beatles appeared. When The Beatles' first gig in Germany, the British band had a chance to see the appearance of the Tielmans Brothers gig using Hofner Violin bass. And that's when for the first time Paul saw the Hofner Violin Bass. Andy the guitarist wearing Tielmans Fender Jazz Special Master 10 strings. Fender intentionally send his representative to Germany at the time for designing a guitar for Andy Tielmans.

In the year 1958 TheTielmans Brothers have 3 albums that became hits in the whole world and has many Gibson Les Paul's first new output in the import into the Netherlands at that time.

In the course of a band, of course there is an unpleasant story too, as well as turnover and turnover band. For Tielman Brothers, it's not a problem that could make this band had to stop in the middle of the road. That there is actually an outstanding achievement, where they could still exist and perform in several European countries other than Belgium and the Netherlands as Germany.
Unfortunately, in the year 1976 the band was reportedly almost broke up because they were impressed with the music game gets stuck and no progress alias less exploratory. They play music at that level-that's all, and that's what finally makes public became bored. Likewise, their work is still very popular overseas, particularly in the Netherlands.

Andy Tielman now lives alone, still exist and live music playing in the Netherlands. In his old age the evening, Andy Tielman more now recording for the spiritual songs and the occasional public appearance in the Netherlands with his guitar. Of his appearance could not so wild anymore. But the influence of Indo-Rock and hysteria "Beatlemania" could not help popping all the Dutch rock music revolution in the 1960s, which marked the birth of Dutch bands who sing in English. The bands that come to enliven popular competition in Europe and worldwide including Golden Earring, Shocking Blue, The Outsiders, Cuby + Blizzard, or the Focus ...

Genre : Rock
Year: 1991


01. My Maria
02. Mona Lisa
03. Andy's Boogie
04. Only You
05. Tennessee Waltz
06. Harry Lime Theme
07. It's Only Make Believe
08. Blue Bayou
09. Don't Let The Stars Get In Your Eyes
10. The Carioca
11. I'll Be Home
12. At The Hop
13. Sari Nand?
14. I'm Yours


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