Monday, September 21, 2009

V.A. - Rockin Romance

Destiny Worldwide will release their first ever compilation on April 28th, 2009. Rockin Romance will consist of popular love songs covered by rock, indie and pop punk bands.

Genre: Punk
Year: 2009


01. Runner Runner- She Will Be Loved (Maroon 5)
02. Goodnight Sunrise- With You (Jessica Simpson)
03. A Change of Pace- Summer Girls (LFO)
04. The Arrival- Kiss From A Rose (Seal)
05. The Real You- Don’t Worry Baby (Beach Boys)
06. Let’s Get It- All My Life (KC and JoJo)
07. Love Me Electric- Total Eclipse of The Heart (Bonnie Tyler)
08. Daphne Loves Derby- At Last (Etta James)
09. New Heights- Bleeding Love (Leona Lewis)
10. The Scene Aesthetic- Love Song (Taylor Swift)
11. Moneta- 1000 Miles (Vanessa Carlton)
12. Destiny Worldwide- Trade It All (Fabolous ft. Diddy)


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