Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Offenders - Hooligan Reggae

Italian style meets british 2tone ! This slogan was chosen at the beginning of the band and still be without doubts their best presentation. The band was born in 2005. They released their first demo 2006 and they played in many clubs and festival all over this year. At the end of 2006 the band was in the studio to record their first album. After a few months their first single “ Hooligan reggae” was burning on all the dancefloors of their hometown (Cosenza/south of Italy) and the Offenders fame growed up really quickly! In june 2007 “ Hooligan Reggae “ arrived in Germany. Conehead Records decided to produce the first full length album. This album is one of the best Ska albums of the last years. A great mixture of 2 Tone, Rocksteady, Ska, Soul and (Skinhead) Reggae elements. You have got a great combination of slow and fast songs, of sentimental and funny moments. For a debut album it`s more than amazing. Take a cool drink and start to dance. The sound for cold winter keep you warm!!!

Genre: Reggae
Year: 2006


01. Hooligan Reggae
02. Coventry Rebels
03. Rudeboys In A Dancefloor
04. Police Oppression
05. Life Is A Jail
06. Sandy
07. Teenage Story
08. Stay
09. Call It Justice
10. Let's Dance
11. Mad For Ska
12. Big Bad Show
13. Run Run



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