Wednesday, September 16, 2009

V.A. - New York Hardcore Where The Wild Things Are

This compilation, compiled by the NYHC The Way It Is by Revelation Records, is the most important of NYHC records in the late eighties. Contains the excellent bands Outburst, Killing Time (formerly known as Raw Deal), Breakdown, Maximum Penalty, Sheer Terror, Life's Blood, Uppercut, NBSH and Gorilla Biscuits. (with a cover of the Buzzcocks classic "Sitting Around At Home"). Many of these bands did not have the mentality of the Lower East Side as Warzone and Agnostic Front and also the positive attitude of the Youth Crew bands as Gorilla Biscuits and Youth of Today but managed a more black humor, sarcastic and joking with a sound a little more metallic and aggressive. It is the first release of the famous New York independent label Blackout! Records and was released in 1989 on vinyl format 12 "with a re edition CD. Enjoy!

Genre: Hardcore
Year: 1989


01. Outburst - The Hardway
02. Outburst - Controlled
03. Raw Deal - The Brite Side
04. Raw Deal - Backtrack
05. Life's Blood - Reckoning Force
06. Life's Blood - Counting On
07. Breakdown - All I Ask
08. Breakdown - Dissed And Dismissed
09. Breakdown - Kickback
10. Sheer Terror - Cup Of Joe
11. Sheer Terror - Not Giving Up
12. Maximum Penalty - Immaculate Conception
13. Maximum Penalty - Hate
14. Uppercut - Down For The Count
15. Uppercut - Am I Clear?
16. Norman Bated & The Showerheads - Hellminded
17. Norman Bates & The Showerheads - Desperate
18. Gorilla Biscuits - Sittin' Round At Home


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