Monday, December 7, 2009

Crass - Stations Of The Crass

Stations of the Crass is the second album by Crass, released in 1979. The record, originally released as a double 12", includes live tracks from a gig recorded at the Pied Bull pub in Islington, London on August 7, 1979. The first three sides contain the studio tracks and play at 45 rpm, while the final side comprises said live material and plays at 33 rpm. The album's title is not only a pun on the Catholic rite of the Stations of the Cross (such jibes against the religious establishment were almost a Crass hallmark), but is also a reference to the graffiti campaign that the band had been conducting around London's underground railway system, the cover artwork depicting a wall at Bond Street tube station that had allegedly been 'decorated' by them.

A remastered edition of 'Stations', complete with new artwork by Gee Vaucher specifically for the small size of a CD case, was due to be released in March 2009, but was delayed due to contentions with former members and the bankruptcy of Crass Records.-wiki-

Genre: Anarcho Punk
Year: 1979


01. Mother Earth
02. White Punks On Hope
03. You've Got Big Hands
04. Darling
05. System
06. Big Man, Big Man
07. Hurry Up Garry (The Par)
08. Fun Going On
09. Crutch Of Society
10. Chairman Of The Bored
11. Tired
12. Walls (Fun In The Oven)
13. Upright Citizen
14. The Gasman Cometh
15. Demoncrats
16. Contaminational Power
17. Time Out
18. System - Live in Islington
19. Big Man, Big Man - Live
20. System Big Man, Big M.a.n.
21. System - Live in Islington
22. Time Out - Live in Islington
23. Angels What A Shame S
24. They've Got A Bomb - Live
25. Fight War, Not Wars - Live
26. Women - Live in Islington


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