Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Geriatric Unit - Distance and Damage LP

The third release by Geriatric Unit shows no sign of let up in their powerful fast hardcore approach. Featuring members of UK Hardcore legends Heresy, Hard To Swallow and Iron Monkey, Geriatric Unit show no compromise at all as they blast through 12 tracks of premier league Hardcore Punk. The uncompromising sound is also backed up with uncompromising lyrics and ideals (the band have refused interviews with several music magazines). -Rookie Records-

Genre: Hardcore
Year: 2008


01. Hell Is Just Too Good For You
02. The Reason Why Life Is Suck
03. Peace Of Mind
04. Inclusion Exclusion
05. At Least Not Today
06. Too Many Chances
07. Nervous Wreck
08. Distance And Damage
09. Don't Want To Be Young Again
10. Secret Imposter
11. Second-Hand Ideas
12. Caved In Mess


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