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Government Issue - The Complete History Vol. 1

80 songs from one of the most influential '80s DC bands. This 2CD set includes 'Make An Effort' EP, 'Boycott Stabb' EP, songs from the 'Flipside' LP, 'Joyride' LP, The 'Fun Just Never Ends' LP, 'Give Us Stabb Or Give Us Death' LP, 'Live' LP, Self Titled LP and more. Plus a 20-page booklet with liner notes from Tom Lyle and John Stabb. Dr. Strange Records. Classic DC hardcore band , and also the only one next to Bad Brains to stay together spanning nearly 10 years. This anthology collection starts off great with it's catchy hardcore punk tracks , but as it starts getting to the Joyride album it slows down and kinda leaves you bored after awhile. What I really wanna know is like someone else pointed out...wheres the tracks from the Year in Dischord?..THAT'S CLASSIC..they left out "I'm James Dean" and other great songs , and the versions of those songs that are on here were performed alot better on the Year in Dischord album..get it anyway it's still classic hardcore. Government Issue is the ONLY DC band to stick it out from the begnning to the near end of the seminal DC Hardcore era. They progressed from one album to the next, never losing intensity.
Their earlier stuff is catchy, but look to songs like "they know", and "hear the scream". Both versions of "Blending in" are massive, in all respects. An awesome , awesome collection of songs , from one of my favorite 80's punk bands. Every song is great , and this collection is worth every penny

Genre: Hardcore
Year: 2000



01. teenager in a box
02. no way out
03. twisted views
04. sheer terror
05. g.i.
06. hall of fame
07. hour of 1
08. g.i.
09. puppet on a string
10. sheer terror
11. happy people
12. lost in limbo
13. plain to see
14. partyline
15. here's the rope
16. insomniac
17. religious ripoff
18. sheer terror
19. g.i.
20. happy people
21. no rights
22. puppet on a string
23. blending in
24. understand
25. 4-wall hermit
26. familiar
27. time to escape
28. hey ronnie
29. joy ride
30. hall of fame
31. notch to my crotch
32. reflection
33. these boots are made for walkin'
34. puppet on a string
35. sheer terror
36. fun & games
37. written word
38. mad at myself
39. the next time
40. bored to death
41. vanity fare
42. world caved in
43. massacre
44. trapped
45. vanity fare


01. plain to see
02. written world
03. next time
04. blending in [live]
05. day o reckoning
06. interview
07. familiar [live]
08. time to escape [live]
09. next time [live]
10. fun & games [llive]
11. these boots are made for walkin' [live]
12. hall of fame [live]
13. reflection [live]
14. notch to my crotch [live]
15. interview 2
16. hall of fame II [live]
17. teenager in a box [live]
18. understand [live]
19. g.i. [live]
20. hour of 1 [live]
21. dead dog [live]
22. any final comments
23. visions and
24. they know
25. locked inside
26. even when you're here
27. everybody's victim
28. memories past
29. when i'm alone
30. hear the scream
31. say something
32. on the screen
33. it begins now
34. last forever
35. sheer terror


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