Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Seein' Red - This CD Kills Fascists

Angry, fast and aggressive hardcore songs from this awesome political hardcore band. Unrelenting fury and politics from one of hardcore's oldest bands. True veterans. Seein' Red has been together for many, many years. They have played all over the world. They have released dozens and dozens of records. And they are a very well known and respected hardcore band. Angry, political, and pissed off... Seein' Red offers a wall of hardcore noise. Powerful music with a powerful message. SEEIN RED is about anti-capitalism , we believe that the capitalist system breeds most, if not all, ills in this world. The competition for markets produces devastating wars and environmental destruction. The profit motive of capitalism is a major cause of the problems we face in today's society like: inequality, poverty, alienation, crime, discrimination, homelessness, etc etc. Each day we witness that we live in a world full of greed, injustice, oppression, wage-slavery, class distinctions, racism, sexism, hate, homophobia, exploitation, military madness, religious fundamentalism etc. And in this current world Capitalism is the dominant ideology and therefore our main enemy.

Genre: Hardcore
Year: 2004


01. both
02. not for sale
03. red rage
04. discussion with a christian
05. three seconds
06. participation
07. asshole
08. poem of the peoples war
09. myth of freedom
10. otherwise
11. throw it back
12. focus on europe
13. blinded by the green
14. go-revolution go!
15. poverty on the rise
16. stereophonic
17. resist
18. kraken gaat door
19. pidelibap
20. opoe bike
21. volk en vaderland
22. punk
23. fasjiste
24. fuel to fight
25. class justice is no justice
26. nothing worth saving
27. run by liars
28. break the mold
29. suffering of the world
30. sick white scum
31. conservative
32. gone mad
33. homophobia
34. us and them
35. the end of the world as we fucking know it
36. bloedbad-stofzuiger
37. class war
38. godfree
39. animals have feelings too
40. up to you
41. unknown


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