Monday, December 7, 2009

Flipper - Generic

A genuine American post-punk classic, back in print after years in the wilderness. Coming out of San Francisco's hardcore punk scene at the dawn of the '80s, Flipper set themselves apart from the pack by slowing down thepace with their atmospheric, doom-laden rock spiced with often hilarious, observational and incisive lyrics. Originally released in 1982, Album Generic Flipper proved itself to be one of the most influential underground albums of the 1980s, with everyone from Nirvana to the Melvins to Mudhoney to Soundgarden to Sonic Youth having covered songs from the album either live or on

Genre: Punk
Year: 1982


01. Ever
02. Life Is Cheap
03. Shed No Tears
04. I Saw You Shine
05. The Way of the World
06. Life
07. Nothing
08. Living for the Depression
09. Sex Bomb


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