Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Kraut - Complete Studio Recordings 1981 - 1986

KRAUT formed in the golden (or Bermuda) triangle of New York Punk in the early eighties along with REAGAN YOUTH and THE MISFITS. Good friends with SEX PISTOL Steve Jones, who plays 2nd guitar on some of the cuts presented here, KRAUT had the first punk video to by played on MTV ("All Twisted") and "Unemployed" was an anthem of the time. Doug Holland went on to play in THE CRO-MAGS.

Summer 1981. The Clash were in New York City to play a week at Bond's Casino on Broadway & 45th St. The hottest gigs of the summer, these shows had already gained national attention as the Clash's only American appearances that year. Then the infamous ticket scandal broke -- Bond's had oversold every show to double capacity -- and both the club and the Clash became evening news items. The Clash themselves solved the problem, by volunteering to play twice as many shows in order to accommodate all the fans who had bought tickets. "More dates added," announced the media. "More support bands needed!" thought every musician and agent in Manhattan. Don Cowan, bassist for the newly formed punk band KRAUT, decided that this was the ideal situation for the band's debut... what a laugh it would be if they actually got the gig. With fellow KRAUT'S, Dave Gunner (vocals), Doug Holland (guitars) and Johnny Feedback (drums), Don quickly recorded and submitted a 3-song demo tape. "Mick Jones likes it!" "Are they Nazis? No? Good!" That got the gig. And so on June 11, KRAUT made their first-ever public appearance, opening for the Clash at Bond's, and from that point on, there's been no turning back.-Liner Notes-

Genre: Punk
Year: 1995


01. All Twisted
02. Mishap
03. Unemployed
04. Onward
05. Don'T Believe
06. Abortion
07. Bogus
08. Arming The World
09. Get Away
10. Doomed Youth
11. Last Chance
12. Sell Out
13. Army Sport
14. Society'S Victim
15. Kill For Cash
16. Backstabber
17. Strongest Man
18. Pyramids
19. N G R I
20. New Law
21. See It Clear
22. Juvenille Justice
23. Flossing With An E String
24. Slow Down
25. Wolf Pack
26. In The Dark
27. No No No


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