Thursday, December 24, 2009

Ignite - Best Of 1994-2004

Orange County’s Ignite aren’t another punk rock/hardcore band. They don’t wear make up. They don’t care about image. They aren’t a here today, gone tomorrow flash in the pan. They aren’t tired scenesters, clinging desperately to the past. So what, you ask, are Ignite? That’s easy. Ignite, who’ve been making music together for over 10 years, are a successful, international act with a diehard global following. They’ve got a proven, rabid fanbase that populates over 30 countries, thanks to their Iron Man tour scheduling. People go crazy for Ignite all over Europe, Australia, South America, and in their native US, and that’s why the band lives on the road, bringing the fans what they want and what they need. Ignite are rock band with hardcore roots, a rock band that supports a series of environmentally and socially conscious groups like Doctors Without Borders, Habitat For Humanity, Sea Shepherds, Project Blue Sea, and Earth First. Ignite have donated the proceeds from a series of seven inches, ten inches, and splits to these causes. They’ve released three albums, A Place Called Home (2000), Past Our Means (1996) and Call On My Brothers (1995), all of which enjoy a place in the hardcore canon. Our Darkest Days is their latest full-length, and first for Abacus Recordings.

Genre: Hardcore
Year: -


01. who sold out now
02. veteran
03. burned up
04. run
05. bullets include no thought required
06. a place called home
07. hands on stance
08. by my side
09. pieter
10. holding on
11. past our means
12. in defense
13. embrace
14. taken away
15. ash return
16. straight ahead
17. black light
18. you
19. epidemic
20. on my time
21. call on my brothers
22. aggression
23. family
24. 50 & a month
25. man against man