Friday, December 25, 2009

Knowledge – A Gift Before I Go

Possessing an incredible gift to touch not only those around him, but his listeners as well, Nick Traina was an amazing person. Not only that, but he was quite skilled when it came to the art form of expression. Using his lyrics as an outlet to fight discrimination in every form, from age to skin color, in Nick's eyes everyone was equal. He would put his trust in you until you betrayed him, and he would always go out of his way to help someone when it was needed.

Formerly of California's successful Link 80, Nick stepped down as their front man to follow a vision -- he wanted to form a ska/punk/hardcore band that played all three types of music, but not in the same song. He wanted each style to stand out separately, and have its own impact on the listener.

Collecting a few friends in August of 1997, Knowledge was born. Playing a few shows, and recording an eleven-song demo to shop around to labels, for the two months Knowledge were together they instantly clicked. But on September 20, 1997 Nick Traina lost his long time battle with manic depression. Overdosing on morphine, a rising star came crashing down to the ground. Passing away far too young, the 19 year old voice of his generation left behind one last piece of art to remember him by. Appropriately titled, A GIFT BEFORE I GO is Nick's final present to the music and the fans he loved.

Genre: Hardcore

01. Still Standing.
02. Cynic.
03. Unity.
04. Don't Give Up.
05. Inikwity.
06. Clinton Youth.
07. Stomp Out.
08. Brotherhood.
09. Better Things.
10. Against the Rest.
11. Gnat (I'm All Alone)


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