Sunday, November 29, 2009

A.N.S. - Success At Last

A.N.S. was Defaced from Irving, Texas. This cd is a re-recorded Defaced discography, with all the new material from A.N.S. The cd's old school/skatecore sound is laying the foundation for what is to come from the band. This is the definitive cd of what it means to be anti new school.-loboappolo-

Genre: Skatecore
Year: 2003


01. A Suit, A Tie, And A Gun
02. Propaganda Machine
03. Get Back To Work
04. I Hate Bill Clinton
05. Damaged Goods
06. Drafted (in The Abercrombie Army)Click to listen to this song
07. Police Rag
08. Fight For Something
09. Helene's A Bitch
10. Pay Attention
11. Nixon's The One
12. I Don't Want To Go To War
13. Locked Up
14. Chester
15. Hussein's Insane
16. Skate Nazi
17. Herman The Amazing
18. Sex Addict
19. Castro's A Capitalist
20. Don't Hate (go Skate)
21. We're Coming For You
22. Proud To Be The Future
23. 30 Seconds
24. I Hate Bill Clinton (demo Version)
25. Bush's Answer To Everything
26. Grow Up
27. Texas Pride


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