Friday, November 20, 2009

Graven Image - Kicked Out Of The Scene

GRAVEN IMAGES'S thrash doesn't always hang together, but when it does gel, they have a MINOR THREATish sound. Lyrically, the topics are interesting and, at times, more than a little confused. For example on "Nails and Thorns" they warn punks not to reject Jesus because one might need "Him" someday, and that being an atheist means paving the way for Communism. Huh?-Tim Yohannon, MRR'84 (taken from KFTH)-

Genre: Hardcore Punk
Year: 1983


01. Day After
02. Close Your Eyes
03. Operation Sink
04. Wrong Way to Utopia
05. Double Life
06. Dear Abby
07. Nails and Thorns


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Joey said...

It is cool you have some Graven Image up. I was the drummer in the band. I have a couple of live shows and practice tape mp3s if anyone is interested.