Monday, November 23, 2009

Movie: Motorhead - Live Fast Die Old

MOTÖRHEAD are rock's most stubborn survivors. Formed in 1975 by rock legend Lemmy Kilmister, they were once one of Britain's biggest bands. Renowned for being among the heaviest drinking, drug-fuelled womanisers in the business, the band made the 'Guinness Book of Records' as the loudest band ever. In the early eighties they blasted their way to the top of the charts with 'Ace of Spades'. Almost thirty years on, 'Motörhead: Live Fast, Die Old' follows behind the scenes as Lemmy and his band set off on their next U.K. tour. Lemmy is now 57. He still drinks a bottle of bourbon a day and shows little sign of slowing down. But how and why does he keep going? From Lemmy's West Hollywood apartment, crammed with Nazi memorabilia, knives and gothic skulls — to Norwich Student Union, Portsmouth Guildhall and the after gig parties in Newcastle, Manchester and Wolverhampton — the band are booked to play eleven towns in 13 days, living and sleeping on the same bus. Playing the same music, wearing the same clothes and still as controversial as they've always been, can a band really survive without changing?

Genre: Rock
Year: 2005


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