Sunday, November 22, 2009

Shredder - Damnit Riggs

I thought the first release was pretty good, but this release blows me out of the water. Still the same mix of Negative Approach, Voorhees and Infest but way better and harder than on their previous release. This mini cd contains nine shredding songs, one that is a bit slower and has a dragging taste to it. The lyrics are angry and deal with subjects such as fighting and being pissed at everyone, also a great song about Monster Trucks. The artwork is good and the production is hard hitting and crushing. After only a few minutes the record is done, luckily I have a repeat button, because this is the music to listen to while driving on the highway. After a great LP by Sunpower earlier this year, another Belgium bands delivers an old school record Belgium can be proud of. I could write more about this release, but the best thing to do is check out for yourself!-asice-

Genre: Hardcore
Year: 2006


01. Domesticate
02. Down Town Syndrome
03. Probotector
04. Monster Jam
05. Go To Hell
06. Swallow This!
07. Asslightening
08. Fool
09. The Burninator


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