Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Rise and Fall - Hellmouth

Belgiums Rise And Fall brings a fine blend of raw hardcore and groovy new school to the table. Since their kick off two years ago this band has gained a lot of recognition. Through European tours with Converge and Nine and a dozen of other shows, Rise And Fall build quite a strong following in Europe already. "Hellmouth" is the debut full length and I am sure this record will only make this band grow bigger. Man, this is a killer album! 8 Songs long you get nothing but intense and brutal hardcore. Bjorns vocals are way better than before. Not that harsh anymore, but more in the veign of Dwid Integrity and especially with a better sound. That's just great. Add straightforward, but groovy guitar lines and an awesome production to it and we have a winner! One last note, the artwork is wonderful. Done by Dave Quiggle, who's worked for All Out War, Shockwave, Subzero and more. All right, get this

Genre: Hardcore
Year: 2004


01. When They Come Down
02. Bottom Feeder
03. Hellmouth
04. As The City Burns
05. Where Ghosts Roam
06. Collapse
07. Tongue Tied
08. Turn And Run
09. Give And Take
10. Running Out Of Time


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