Monday, November 30, 2009

Bedboys- L’Indifferenza Uccide

Although being super-p.c. pacifists, I think BEDBOYS released one of the top european 7" s ever. Little seems to be known about the band and as far as I know this 7" is the bands only vinyl appearance ever. BEDBOYS came from Torino.

Italy had an immensly creative Punk and HC scene with an incredibly high rate of killer records among the vinyl and tape output between 1983 and 1986. Bands like WRETCHED or DECLINO, IMPACT or INDIGESTI have been getting international attention lately but still italian HC seems to be dominated, as far as public recognition goes, by the likes of RAW POWER and NEGAZIONE. All of them great bands (even though the latter two started to suck the big one later in their career), but BEDBOYS is a caliber of its own!-loboappolo-

Genre: Punk
Year: 1985


01. Se un Giorno accadesse
02. Potere fottuto
03. Costretti a subire
04. Pace non vuol dire solo niente Guerra!
05. Violenza no!
06. Distruggi il Potere
07. Vivere, non sopravvivere


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