Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Mad Society - Self Titled EP

Another historical pre-teen punk record, the 1981 Mad Society EP. It's uncertain how old this kid was when this was recorded, various sources claim Metz was anywhere from 11-13 years old.

"Most memorable about this band was their 13 year old singer Steven Metz. His kid voice is dominating the sound, the other instruments are mixed very low. Musically, this is amateurish garage hardcore..."--flex

In 1981, Mad Society released a five song EP with photography by Gary Leonard (responsible for all the cool Dogtown photos). They also contributed to a variety of compilations, and left a bit of a mark on the scene.

In the whopping eleven months they were together the played all the main “punk” clubs at that time from the Starwood to the Whiskey to the Cuckoo’s Nest; they opened for such bands as The Adolescents, Black Flag, Circle Jerks, X, The Weirdos, and The Plugz. The vocals overpower the rest of the sound; the instruments are mixed very low. Musically, this is amateurish (I know, isn’t all punk amateurish?). Good attempt, but not real impressive. Most memorable about this band were their ages, eleven or twelve...-strangereaction-

Genre: Hardcore Punk
Year: 1981


01. Riot Squad
02. Skitz
03. Napalm
04. Termanally
05. Little Devil


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