Saturday, November 21, 2009

Dead Rabinz - Israhell

2006 debut album. Recommended for fans of The Varukers, The Casualties and all the street punks around the world that aren't afraid of being vocal about things they see wrong with today's society. Fast, loud, thrashing and unrelenting, these 14 songs blast out of your speakers with an obvious passion from a band that is clearly trying to state a message that they fully believe in and want to be heard. Totally recommended. Check back soon for news on their upcoming European tour and where you'll be able to check them out live for yourself.-loboapollo-

Genre: Punk
Year: 2006


01. Israhell
02. Vosvoyas
03. Agression
04. winky puller
05. Detstvo
06. Slave
07. Ananizm
08. Why
09. Tel-Aviv
10. We
11. War
12. Life
13. Sam Za Sebya
14. Tikvah


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