Friday, November 27, 2009

Rat Pack - Selt Titled 7" + Ice Cream, Acid, & Cigarettes 7"

In 1984, RAT PACK singer/founder Matt Ratt was covering the vocal duties for R.K.L., while singer Jason Sears was away on "medical leave". During this time R.K.L. was signed on to record for the now infamous"NARDCORE" album on Mystic Records. Just prior to recording, Jason returned from his leave of absense. So left with the dilema of an album to record, and suddenly no band, Matt was told to throw something together quickly and record for the album anyway. So after a few rehearsals with Chris Rest and Alpo D.(borrowed from R.K.L.) Dave Casillas from STALAG 13 and Mike Torres from NARTHEX STRUCTURE, RAT PACK was born! Although originaly only meant to be a recording project for the NARDCORE album, RAT PACK ended up doing three records for Mystic, 1985's self titled 7", 1987's "Ice Cream Acid and Cigarettes" 7" and 1990's self titled full length Lp. Through the years RAT PACK has gone through long periods of hibernation, with many line up changes...people that have played in and recorded with RAT PACK include current and former members of bands such as NOFX, SOCIAL DISTORTION, STALAG 13, THE ADOLESCENTS, D.I., SUGAR CULT, HOLLYWOOD HATE, FOO FIGHTERS,RUBBER NECK, LAG WAGON, R.K.L., NO USE FOR A NAME, and ME FIRST AND THE GIMME GIMME'S. Once again the sleeping Giant as been awakened, and with the combination of extremely talented fresh blood with an old school sense and style, RAT PACK is close to finishing a full album of brand new music and will be playing out again very soon...consider your self warned.-band's myspace-

Genre: Nardcore
Year: 1985


Self Titled
01. Fooled Again
02. Lost in Death
03. Overlord
04. Hometown Hero
05. After Midnight
06. Protect the Rich

Ice Cream, Acid, & Cigarettes
01. Do Me
02. Ice Cream, Acid & Cigarettes
03. When You Say Goodbye
04. Kids on the Edge


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