Wednesday, November 18, 2009

McRad - Absence Of Sanity

Good full length, the songs flow together better than the first 12". More of their patented skaterock, a lot of these songs were featured in skate videos from the late 80's. The music is still varied, fast thrashy songs, dark eerie songs, and some reggae too, but for the most part loud rocking punk with a slight metal influence. Excellent production. More crossover and diverse sounding than the first LP. The songs "Weakness" and "McShred" have become classics because of their appearance on the soundtrack for the most crucial sequence of the famous "Public Domain" skateboarding video (released by Powell-Peralta). Music ranges from melodic hardcore to all out thrash to reggae-punk to crossover.--flex

Genre: Hardcore/Skaterock
Year: 1987


01. Mcshred
02. Fiend
03. Weak Style
04. Jocelyn
05. Words of Life
06. Dead by Dawn
07. Weakness
08. In My Forever
09. This Indecision
10. Tom Groholski
11. Brain


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