Saturday, November 21, 2009

Circle One - Are You Affraid ?

Circle One were the reason your classmates stayed away from punk rock shows in Los Angeles...and they were the reason you went. It depended on how well you recovered from stab wounds and broken bones. Yes, ladies and gents...what you've heard about this band is true...the gangs, the fights, the's all here. Buy this CD if you wanna be the coolest kid in your neighborhood.--Erik from Lancaster

Sometime in 1991, (lead singer) Macias died very...memorably so to speak. Apparently because of his mental problems, he kind of lost it. He threw a security guard off of a bridge, ran into a McDonalds where he punched an old lady in the face and continuously tried to pull people out of moving cars until the cops surrounded him. He charged at them yelling, "God is going to watch you die, pigs!", and they fired. It took 8 bullets to take him down. Now is that a way to go out or what?

Includes thier '83 LP,'80 & '81 demo tracks, a live set from '84, tracks from various comps between '83 and '84 and a radio interview. Great LA Hardcore.

Genre: Hardcore
Year: 1998


01. Social Climbing Leeches
02. Beware
03. Gospel
04. Survive
05. Fading/Destroy Exxon
06. Patterns Of Force
07. Plastic Life Rapture
08. Vietnam Vets
09. Pride
10. Our Sword
11. Unity
12. Destroy Exxon
13. Nothing
14. One Chord
15. In This City
16. F.O.
17. G.I. Combat
18. L-R-L
19. Red Machine
20. High School Society
21. Plastic Life
22. Relics From The Past
23. Are You Afraid
24. Wap
25. God Bless America
26. Highway Patrolmen
27. Are You Afraid
28. Hate, Lust, Filth, And Greed
29. Highway Patrolmen
30. Scared Straight
31. Don't Get Mad
32. Highway Patrolmen
33. Teenage Prison
34. Hate, Lust, Filth And Greed
35. Going Against The Grain
36. Interview


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