Saturday, October 10, 2009

Aus Rotten - The Rotten Agenda

Aus-Rotten (German: ausrotten = "to exterminate") was an American anarchist hardcore punk group from 1992 to 2001, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Pittsburgh City Paper has described them as "arguably the most important band of the '90s anarcho-punk renaissance."[1] They combined the direct action attitude of early 1980s anarcho-punk with a new, heavier sound that was closely associated with crust punk.

Many of their songs dealt with government, capitalism, sexism, capital punishment, religion, animal rights and other controversial topics. Havoc Records states that the band's 1994 "~censored~ Nazi Sympathy" 7" remains the label's "best selling record to date with over 20,000 copies pressed."[2] They also boasted having one of the longest crust songs ever (from their 1999 LP And Now Back To Our Programming...) at 15:53.

Aus Rotten released "The Rotten Agenda" LP on their own Rotten Propaganda label in 2001. Aus Rotten broke up in 2001. Singer Dave is now in Behind Enemy Lines while Corey and Eric are in Caustic Christ. Rich who played drums on this 7" is in All Systems Fail.

Genre: Hardcore/Punk
Year: 2001


01. The Rotten Agenda
02. Modern Day Witch Hunt
03. Right Wing Warfare
04. The World Bank
05. Factory
06. The Second Rape
07. Plausible Deniability
08. Who's Calling The Shots?
09. Capital Punishment
10. Absent Minded
11. Isolation Or Solution
12. Tax Shelter
13. Media Blackout


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