Saturday, October 3, 2009

Movie: Bob Marley - Time Will Tell

Anyone interested in Bob Marley will learn much about the man, the music and the myth associated with the Honorable Robert Nesta Marley, the king of reggae. This film is a documentary of sorts with lots of footage from the formidable years of the group known as Bob Marley and the Wailers. The film begins with colorful animation and lion that morfs into Marley himself as the narration begins and the ambassador of reggae begins to tell his story. It is a story that grabs your heart and soul as you listen to the man describe his humble beginnings and his feelings on such things as education, "if I was educated I would be a damn fool" and how the Wailers came to be. A Rastafarian, Bob Marley was a dedicated soul who espoused his views worldwide. The concert footage is intersperced with Marley's explanation of the times and his songs. The political climate of Jamaica is briefly explained and includes reports of the attempt on his life as well as his concert for political unity in Jamaica where he brought the opposition together. I don't have any problem understanding the "pidgeon" English he spoke but some might have difficulty understanding his pathos. Listen carefully for what he had to say has survived to a new generation of fans and anyone who likes reggaee will love the story of Bob Marley as told in this film. The film explains the context and time period out of which the songs he wrote and sung about were made. His views as demonstrated in his songs make him the original Rasta Man. This is a top quality documentary reflecting the lives and times of Bob Marley. The footage is a little sad because it is obvious for those of us who were very familar with the living man that much of the footage was taken when Bob Marley was ill. Not so much the concert footage but the interviews and acoustic versions of his songs as it is clearly evident that Marley was gaunt and very ill. The cancer had invaded his body but couldn't destroy his soul. If one compares his image to that of 1978, when at the peak of his career his dreadlocks were flowing and his mystical presence was on a worldwide tour, it is obvious. Marley was on a mission to conquer the world and his weapon was his guitar and song. He lost his battle with cancer but his message has lived on and this documentary gives proof of his living presence. Buy this if you're a fan or of you want to know more about Bob Marley. I've seen this video countless times and never get tired of it, it always makes me sad but I end up rejoicing knowing that I came to know Bob Marley through his music and living legacy. Long live the Honorable Robert Nesta Marley, a great spirit has passed through this world and his essence his captured in this documentary, don't miss it.- Enrique Torres "Rico"-

Genre: Documentary
Year: 1992



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