Saturday, October 10, 2009

SIN 34 - Die Laughing 7"

SIN 34 consists of Julie (vocals), Phil (bass), Mike (guitar), and Dave (drums). I had wondered what SIN 34 meant and to my surprise SIN 34 has absolutely nothing to do with religion (etc...) it is just from Spanish International Network (SIN) and KMEX Channel 34 (L.A. Mexican TV station) put together as a joke; no more no less.--from ALAMO RAG, 3/83

Yes, these kids are the latest rage in L.A. and with good reason! Fast, hard sounds with great lyrics belted out by of the best female singers around. Side A opons with "American America" which goes by way too fast. Following that is a song which (if given half a chance) is destined to become a classic--"Children Shall Not Be Heard". Side B is just as good...if not better with the killer cuts "The Uniform," "12 Hour Trip" & the fast, fast, fast "Join The Race". To sum it all's a really good record only marred by the muddy production job. Buy it, you won't be disappointed!--Doc, from OUTCRY, December 1982

Genre: Hardcore
Year: 1982


01. American America
02. Children Shall Not Be Heard
03. The Uniform
04. 12 Hour Trip
05. Join the Race


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