Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Rajin Pangkal Pandai - Scrape Through EP

Be diligent you all to create works such as this one band. Melodic punk rock band from Semarang with a neat recordings, harmonious composition, a total of 4 songs. However, there is a little song out of tune to me on track 2, a cover song from the original version Frente (New Order, Bizzare Love Triangle). And I'm sure, they could rearansemen with a more catchy and cheesy. However, other songs enough 'ngena' for me, let alone have enough acoustic version fresh.

I think they are a potential band for the punk rock scene in Semarang, that maybe if they continue to explore with innovative ideas and not get caught with their influences the band, will one day be comparable to bands like Rocket Rockers, Kuro!, Or maybe SID I think they have enough material ready for full albums.

With the style concoction like No Use For A Name, Not Available, and Strung Out, I do not have long to listen to the bands with music like this color. Because these days like this style is almost 'cleaned' by Screamo bands or pop-punk emo. But I do not want to describe their pop-punk, I think more to the Fat Wreck style course.

I became nostalgic feel, listening to this band may in Jakarta and Bandung are rare. (ditch)-NEWBORNFIRE ZINE-

Genre: Punk
Year: 2009


01. I Have To Go
02. Bizarre Love Triangle (New Order Cover)
03. Going To The Show
04. I Have To Go (Acoustic)


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