Sunday, October 18, 2009

Latin For Truth - Eleven Eleven

Fast, melodic Hardcore mixed with some Pop Punk Elements
great hooks and Shouts ... Screaming, Gang Vocals, awesome Riffs ...
This One has everything a good Melodic Hardcore Album needs!-koholo-

Genre: Hardcore
Year: 2009


01. If Only Your Band Was As Big As Your Ego
02. Lying for a Living
03. Hope Is Alive and Well
04. Captain Hardcore Cashes In
05. Gas Station Grills
06. What Would Bruce Campbell Do
07. Dark Sunshine
08. I'm Not Beefing With the Almighty, I'm Just Saying I've Got Questions and He's Got Answers
09. Ssdd
10. Hot Breathe
11. Sailor Talk About Digital Support


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